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6 tips: Anchoring properly with a sailboat or sailing yacht

Experienced sailors should know how to anchor their sailing boat or yacht properly. Here are 6 valuable tips for correct anchoring.

In most sailing areas, you can moor your sailing boat in a marina. This is also the case here in Lavrion, Greece – the home base of INFINITY.YACHT.S. But if you want to discover the Greek waters of the Mediterranean, you can’t avoid anchoring every now and then. Because nowhere does everyday life seem further away than in a lonely bay!

Why is anchoring important?

Sometimes guest berths in a marina are scarce. And even if you are adventurous and don’t want to be dependent on marinas, you will of course have to anchor. The best way to do this is to read our 6 tips for anchoring properly.

Be aware of changing conditions

When you moor in a marina, your boat is usually safe. But when you anchor, there are a few things to keep in mind. On the open sea, weather conditions can change quickly. Suddenly a stronger wind blows or the current increases. These changes can alter your position and cause you to become stranded or suffer damage to your sailing boat. Unpredictable events such as a storm can also change your position and make anchoring difficult or impossible. Therefore, it is important that you always pay attention to the current conditions when anchoring and react in time if something changes.

Finding the right place to anchor

The best place is a sheltered spot where the wind and water conditions are unlikely to change. A bay with high banks, for example, offers good protection. The condition of the seabed is also important for proper anchoring.

Consider the nature of the bottom

It is important to choose the right place for the anchor. The map of the sailing area will give you information about the condition of the seabed. Make sure that the bottom is not too rocky, otherwise the anchor will not stick properly. Seaweed or soft mud are also not recommended. Sand or firm silt provide the best grip for the anchor. On coral – yes, there is coral in the Mediterranean too – anchoring is of course not allowed.

Watch out for other boats

Self-explanatory, isn’t it? When anchoring properly, you should always keep a safe distance from other boats, solid objects or shallow water. In particular, you should leave space around the anchored sailing yacht to berth.

Anchoring correctly

Preparation is everything: Therefore, the anchor gear must be prepared before anchoring so that everything runs smoothly and nothing gets tangled. In addition, the crew should be informed about the water depth in order to be able to prepare enough anchor line. It is best to wait before dropping the anchor until the boat is completely calm in the water and just starts to drift backwards. Of course, the engine can help with this!

Make sure the anchor holds

First, make sure the anchor is sunk deep enough. If the anchor is too shallow, it can come loose at the first gust of wind. So make sure the anchor is sunk deep enough.

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