Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean: The Best Sailing Destinations

Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean and Greece: The Best Sailing Destinations

Are you considering chartering a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean? Then you’ve come to the right place! Learn everything about the perfect yacht charter in the Mediterranean! The most beautiful sailing destinations – and insider tips in the Mediterranean Sea Amalfi Coast, Italy The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular sailing regions in […]

Yacht charter: What skills do I need?

Yacht Charter

Chartering a sailing yacht is a fantastic way to spend a holiday. At least if you know how to sail. Are you wondering what skills you need to be able to charter a sailing yacht and steer it safely? We have the answers for you! Chartering a sailing yacht is a fantastic way to spend […]

Yacht charter in Lavrion

Yacht charter Lavrion

If you are thinking about a sailing holiday in Greece, you can hardly miss the harbour town of Lavrion. Due to its location, Lavrion is a popular destination for sailors. Many yacht charters have also settled here. And also for INFINITY.YACHT.S, one of the leading yacht charter offers, Lavrion is the home base. More precisely: […]

6 tips: Anchoring properly with a sailboat or sailing yacht

Correct anchoring Sailing boat Sailing yacht

Experienced sailors should know how to anchor their sailing boat or yacht properly. Here are 6 valuable tips for correct anchoring. In most sailing areas, you can moor your sailing boat in a marina. This is also the case here in Lavrion, Greece – the home base of INFINITY.YACHT.S. But if you want to discover […]

INFINITY.YACHT.S: Probably the best yacht charter offer in Greece

yacht charter Greece

There are many yacht charters, you know that, we know that. And that’s exactly why INFINITY.YACHT.S exists. Because we purposely do a lot of things differently than other yacht charters. Why we are convinced that we have the best yacht charter offer in Greece, you can read here. State-of-the-art fleet of the best sailing yachts […]

Sailing trip in Greece: The best spots for your holiday

Sailing trip in Greece

Greece is ideal for a sailing trip: The region does not only inspire with top weather and fantastic landscapes. Greece also scores with its approximately 1,400 islands and a variety of sailing areas where you can spend your holiday. On a sailing trip in Greece, you can look forward to unforgettable adventures full of sun, […]

Sailing with a skipper – the perfect sailing trip

Sailing with a skipper

The sailing areas around Greece are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world. With our experienced skippers, even sailors without a sailing licence or previous experience can enjoy this wonderful area in the eastern Mediterranean. In this article you will learn what speaks for a professional skipper. The skipper has the responsibility over the […]

The new Hanse 460! Simply advanced!

Radically innovative, agile and comfortable. This yacht, Hanse’s first by the French yacht designers Berret-Racoupeau, combines maximum innovation and traditional Hanse values, such as fast cruising and easy sailing – all with a consistently modern sporty look. The result is a yacht that promises pure adrenaline for skippers and an individual stylish home at sea […]


New in our fleet:   INFINITY  OF  MADNESS The perfect excursion boat: multifunctional, with spacious decks, protected cockpit and the ability to go far. She is a user friendly boat which is perfect for island hopping. Also as a yacht support boat at long distance and in any weather. The Explorer 40 combines a stunning […]