Sailing with a skipper

Sailing with a skipper – the perfect sailing trip

The sailing areas around Greece are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in the world. With our experienced skippers, even sailors without a sailing licence or previous experience can enjoy this wonderful area in the eastern Mediterranean. In this article you will learn what speaks for a professional skipper.

The skipper has the responsibility over the sailing yacht

The skipper is responsible for the sailing yacht and for the safety of the crew. Everything that has to do with the sailing of the boat and the well-being of the crew therefore falls into his responsibility. In other words, the skipper must know every aspect of sailing inside out and have a strong sense of responsibility.

What makes a good skipper?

What specifically makes a good skipper?

  • Experience and expertise: A good skipper is an experienced sailor who knows how to navigate.
  • Confidant and communicator: A good skipper gives his crew a good feeling of security and trust at all times. He can assess the abilities of his crew members, uses them on board according to their skills and assigns them tasks.
  • Strong nerves and patience: A good skipper is characterised by strong nerves and a high degree of patience, even with inexperienced crew members. A good skipper always treats his crew with respect.
  • Team player: A good skipper actively involves the crew in planning the trip and navigation.


So a good skipper not only has his ship under control. He must also be a strong communicator and respected person.

The skippers at INFINITY.YACHT.S

The demands on a skipper are high. The demands at INFINITY.YACHT.S are even higher. We work with the best of the best. Because we want to offer you the perfect sailing holiday in and around Greece, we have particularly high standards for our skippers. Our skippers are handpicked. All our skippers are therefore not only convincing with the greatest experience – that is the basic requirement for us. It is also important for us to have an exceptionally high level of communication talent and sociability, a pronounced feeling for our customers and absolute discretion. The skippers at INFINITY.YACHT.S are not only absolute professionals in their field. They are your personal chauffeur and guide.
They are your good friend on the high seas, navigating you safely through the Eastern Mediterranean with lots of fun!

“Bareboat Charter” or “Skippered Charter”?

We offer bareboat charters as well as skippered charters.

Bareboat charter sailing yacht

Experienced sailors can charter yachts from us without a skipper (“bareboat charter”). For bareboat charters, the Greek port authorities require at least a valid offshore sailing licence. In addition to the skipper, a second person is required as co-skipper, who at least has sailing experience (with proof) or has a valid offshore sailing licence himself.

Skippered charter sailing yacht

Sailors without a sailing licence or previous experience, or who have not sailed for a long period of time, can charter our luxury sailing yachts with an experienced skipper. The skippers at INFINITY.YACHT.S are then responsible for the sailing yacht. Depending on your experience, you can help out as much – or as little – as you like.

This speaks for a professional skipper

With an experienced skipper you get a sailing professional on board. This guarantees a relaxed sailing holiday: You can be as active as you like or leave the controls to your skipper. Absolute discretion and privacy are of course always guaranteed with our skippers.

Our skippers will navigate you safely through the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades (Cyclades) and take you to the most beautiful destinations. Among them are secluded and quiet bays or rocky cliffs, historical sights from ancient times and clean sandy beaches. Our experienced skippers will also make it easy for you to approach the harbours. Especially when the Meltemi, the summer wind coming from the Greek mainland towards Crete, kicks in.

Of course, at INFINITY.YACHT.S you can plan your personal sailing trip together with your skipper. After all, your skipper knows the sailing area like the back of his hand. Another advantage for every sailor, no matter how experienced: You can always learn a lot with our professional skippers.

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