Mark is founding father and the heart of INFINITY.YACHT.S. He discovered his love for sailing in a holiday in Egypt on a 15 foot Catamaran. Shorty after it became a 50 foot Catamaran and finally our fleet of 12 sailing yachts. Our masterstring-puller is a all-round-talent. He is father, entrepreneur, passionate cook, race car driver and philosopher. And if you ever meet him in Lavrion directly he will invite you to an Ouzo or two.
Cathrin the blonde-curly-haired Wonder-Woman is managing director and does what managing directors do on daily bases. Stationed in our home-office in Bielefeld she runs the real estate business of “Strassberger”. On the one hand she mirrors her favourite animal the “Quokka” but surely can transform into the “Tasmanian Devil” if the real estate business requires it. Always acting professional and with her radiant charisma.
“You can do it this way, but it will be shitty”. Torsten is the embodiment of a northern sea-dog. For ten years he managed the Watersport station in the ROBINSON Soma Bay and taught beginners, wannabe sailors, hobby and pro sailors, jung and old not only the understanding of how the wind blows but the love of being on the water itself. No matter how risky a situation might become, Torsten will be Serenity itself. And if you mix a nice Rum-Coke he will certainly tell a sailor-anecdote.
Lauras home is the World. She as well enchanted guests in many ROBINSON Clubs. May it be guest relation or food & beverage. She was right there for any kind of concern to present a solution in no time. With her experience she cares for you from booking a yacht until your return from a wonderful holiday. She is the connection between Germany and Greece as between organising and wonderful attitude of life. “Don’t stop believin’” awakens all her powers and lets her good mood escalate even further.
Heinz is our base manager. Already as a kid it drew him into the wide world. He was manager of a greek tavern, getting to know country and people in the most honest way possible. He leaded a charter business on Korfu and afterwards on Mallorca to finally return to Greece. Still young he is now in one of the most beautiful marinas Greece has to offer. The Olympic Marine in Lavrion. He is a real MacGyver. Making hard tasks look easy he brings our yachts to the highest technical standard possible and runs the daily charter business with his seamancoolness.
Katerina is a genuine true-blooded Greek. In the last years she worked across Europe in different hotel and club resorts. At last she fulfilled thirsty party guests on Mykonos their alcoholic desires. She is carrying the service gene deep within her and is a cyclone of good spirit in the Olympic Marine. She is responsible for the purchasing and everything else what is needed in the INFINITY BASE. With endless amounts of love Katerina is the service pro you can ask about any special wishes. And if you start a party on board of your yacht she should be the first one to be invited.